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Day 1 - Thursday, February 18


9:30am - Fred Rewey -  Getting the Most Out of Cash Flow Expo 2021

10:00am - Geoff Woods - The ONE Thing

11:00am - Laurie Itkin -  Rent Out Your Stocks (Not Your Real Estate) for Monthly Income

12:00pm -  Jeff Watson -  Simple Repeatable Steps to Get to a Six-Figure Roth Account

1:00pm - Eddie Speed -  Hiding the Discount When You Buy a Note

2:00pm - Nathan Long -  Fundamentals of Tax-Free Investing with Self-Directed IRAs

3:00pm - Augie Byllott -  2021 The Opportunity Tsunami - Are You Ready?

4:00pm - Dave Franecki -  Profiting During A Crisis: 4 Case Studies

5:00pm - Tracy Z, Mary Hart, Andresa Guidelli, Wendy Sweet, Czarina Harris, and Haley Gant - Panel: Tips for Investing with Confidence from a Panel of Wize Women Investors


Day 2 - Friday, February 19


9:00am - Dan Sullivan - Who Not How

10:00am - Tracy Z -  What’s Your Out? 15 Exit Strategies For Note Investors

11:00am - Jemila Winsey -  A Deep Dive into Analyzing Multifamily Properties

12:00pm - Jason DeBono -  What You Need to Know About Tax-Free Cash Flow

1:00pm - Bill Fairman and Wendy Sweet -  Cash Flow for Short Term Lending in Todays Market

2:00pm - Rick Allen -  Yield Stacking - Learn to Earn Interest on Interest.

3:00pm - Dan Zitofsky -  Creating True Passive Wealth With Seller Financing Turn Key Rentals

4:00pm - Kevin Shortle -  Real Estate Without Renters: Purchasing Passive Turn-Key Notes and Partials

5:00pm - Bob Repass, Chaz Guinn, Paul Birkett, and David Putz - Panel: Insights from Note Fund Managers You’ll Need in 2021


Day 3 - Saturday, February 20


9:00am - Liz Faircloth -  Raising Private Money with Confidence

10:00am - Walter Wofford -  Taxes are Voluntary - Case Study of One Note Creation Through the Various lenses of Taxable and IRA Entities

11:00am - John Fedro - Mobile Home Investing 2021

12:00pm - Chris Seveney -  True Cost of Ownership on a Non-Performing 1st Position Note

1:00pm - Mitch Stephen -  LiveComm: How To Use Text Messaging with Owner Financing

2:00pm - John Hyre -  Check Book LLC's (and Their Cousins)

3:00pm - Marc Rouda -  Buying Seller-Financed Business Notes in the Time of COVID-19

3:30pm - Fuquan Bilal -  My Loss is My GAIN

4:00pm - Bob Zachmeier -  Notes Under Your Nose! - How to Find and Fund Notes in Your Own Backyard

5:00pm - Larry Gill and Marishka Pilch -  Doing Well by Doing Good

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Loving the Cash Flow Expo, thank you for pulling together some great resourceful people/content!!

Andria K.


Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation, it was epic. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Emmanuel O.


A wealth of information and an incredible line-up of speakers all in one place. 

David L

Project Manager