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Day 1 - Feb 6th 

Jay Conner


Real Estate / Investing / Credit

Session Starts 10am EST

Where To Get The Money Now

He has been buying and selling houses since 2003 in a population of only 40,000 with profits averaging $67,000 per deal


Rehabbed over 400 houses and been involved in over 90 Million Dollars in Transactions


Jay has completely automated his Annual 7-Figure Income Business to where he works in his business less than 10 Hours per week in his buying and selling house business.


Consulted one on one with over 2,000 Real Estate Investors


Raised $2,150,000 in less than 90 Days in Private Money when cut off from the banks.


He is a National Speaker on the topics of Private Money, Automation, and Foreclosures.


Best Selling Author of “The New Masters of Real Estate: Getting Deals Done in the New Economy”


He is a leading expert on Private Lending, marketing, and business development


 A past president of Business Networking International. He and his wife, Carol Joy, reside in Morehead City, NC. 


Cash Flow From Real Estate

Session Starts 11am EST

The Deal Architect: Pay full price for real estate yet double your profits​

Since 1980, Eddie Speed has dedicated his life to the note industry and to expanding the benefits of creative seller financing for both sellers and buyers. Throughout his career  he has introduced innovative ideas and strategies that have  revolutionized the industry. He  teaches these techniques through  NoteSchool, the training school  he founded in the early 2000s. His training has helped thousands of  real estate investors expand their  business model, increase their  earnings, build long term wealth, and think like entrepreneurs, including helping a substantial amount of “A” list real estate investors with creative financing strategies.


Eddie is also the owner and President of Colonial Funding Group LLC, which acquires and trades real estate secured notes, and he’s a principal in several Private Capital funds that acquire bulk note portfolios. He is also the host of NoteExpo, an annual conference that brings people from all phases of the note industry together every November. In addition, Eddie speaks at numerous real estate events every year across the country.


Eddie has personally closed around 50,000 note deals, and his unique industry vantage point has allowed him to review close to half a million note deals. When it comes to notes, it’s safe to say he’s seen it all but remains committed to lifelong learning.

Eddie Speed

John Fedro

Real Estate Investing

Session Starts 12pm EST

Is Mobile Home Investing Right For You? ​

Investing since 2002, John started in real estate accidentally with a four-bedroom mobile home inside of a pre-existing mobile home park. Over the next 11 months, John added 10 more mobile homes to his cash-flowing portfolio. Since these early years, John has gone on to help 150+ sellers and buyers sell their unwanted mobile homes and obtain a safe and affordable manufactured home of their own.


Years later, John keeps to what has been successful—buying, fixing, renting, and reselling affordable housing known as mobile homes. Like almost every long-term investor, he's made more mistakes than he can count. John discusses many of them on his blog and YouTube channel, where he shares his stories, experiences, lessons, and some of the experiences of other successful mobile home investors that he's helped.


John has written hundreds of articles concerning mobile homes and mobile home investing, been a featured podcast guest on other prominent real estate podcasts, authored a highly-rated book aimed at increasing the happiness/satisfaction of average real estate investors, and spoken to national and international audiences concerning the opportunities and practicality of successfully investing in mobile homes.


John now spends his time actively investing in individual mobile homes and acquiring parks to hold long-term. He focuses on enjoying his time and partnering with other investors around the country to grow their own local mobile home cash-flowing portfolios and reputations.

Real Estate / Retirement Planning

Session Starts 1pm EST

The Roth IRA:  Secret Weapon to Becoming Wealthy

Anne Marie Rogers has worked at Quest Trust Company for 6 years and currently serves as Marketing Director.  Quest Trust Company is one of the fastest growing Self-Directed IRA providers in the nation, allowing Americans to invest their retirement accounts into assets like real estate, notes and private companies. 


After graduating from St. Edward's University, Anne Marie joined Quest Trust Company as an IRA Specialist.  In 2014, Anne Marie passed the rigorous CISP examination and received the designation of Certified IRA Services Professional from the Institute of Certified Bankers. 


As a former IRA Specialist, Anne Marie has a deep understanding of Self-Directed IRAs and the many creative strategies that can be used in these types of accounts.  Anne Marie’s strong sales background and degree focus of advertising motivated her to purse a marketing role at Quest Trust Company. 


Since the fall of 2016, Anne Marie has directed the Quest IRA Marketing Department, directly overseeing all of the Houston and Dallas operations, business development and marketing. 


In addition to management of the Houston and Dallas office operations, Anne Marie is frequently invited to spread Self-Directed IRA knowledge as the keynote speaker at events across the USA, on local radio stations, podcasts and webinars.

Anne Marie Rogers

Tracy Z

Real Estate Notes

Session Starts 2pm  EST

Stop Looking For Notes. Start Creating Them! 

Tracy Z has handled millions of dollars in owner financed real estate notes and alternative cash flow purchases since 1988, becoming a well-known industry expert.


Why make expensive mistakes when you can gain priceless insights? Tracy shares her 20+ years of insider secrets with real life examples that help you realize profits today and build cash flow for the future.


Tracy began her career in real estate closings and title searches leading to a position with Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities. During her 10 years with Metropolitan she mastered a variety of positions including broker relations, investment analysis, closing management, underwriting, and BrokerNet™ software development.


From start-up note broker to corporate officers for the nation’s largest note buyer, their experience covers all aspect of marketing, closing, underwriting and servicing cash flow notes.


Co-author of Finding Cash Flow Notes and the acclaimed Personal Profit Series, Tracy specializes in the use of tax advantaged retirement funds to purchase both notes and real estate.

General Session

Session Starts 3pm EST

Creating Tax-Free Income with Manufactured Notes Through Impact Investing.​

Since 1981 Walter Wofford has been an active real estate investor in the Jackson, MS area specializing in developing passive income by creating tax free net worth and cash flow through seller financing in the affordable housing area.


These methods combine note creation, IRA and Retirement Account investing with Trust Entities and by doing so creates cash flow and builds his net worth plus creating profits for both today and in the future . . . tax free.


Walter is also focused on Improving his local community with Affordable Housing for 1st time Homebuyers in the Jackson Mississippi Area.


Walter also teaches others how to help tenants become homeowners by creating short term discounted Seller Financed Notes with Trusts and IRAs for cash flow and wealth generation. During his career, Walter has bought and sold over 1000 houses and renovated neighborhoods in the central Mississippi area.


Combining wholesaling, retailing and IRA investing provides an unbeatable strategy for today . . . and it can be successfully used in all areas of the country.

Walter Wofford

Fuquan Bilal

Real Estate / Motivation

Session Starts 4pm EST

2nd Mortgage Investing Tips

Fuquan Bilal, the company's CEO, founded NNG in 2012 with the principal mission of capitalizing on the growing supply of mortgage notes in the interbank marketplace. Mr. Bilal utilizes his 20 years of residential and commercial real estate success to identify real estate opportunities and capitalize on them.


To date, he has successfully managed three private mortgage note funds that primarily invest in single-family performing and non-performing mortgage notes.


His financial acumen and proprietary set of investment criteria enable him to purchase under-performing real estate assets at a deep discount off face and market values, thereby increasing the value of the assets. 


This, coupled with his ability to maximize the use of leverage, enables him to build strong, secured portfolios with solid passive income flows. Fuquan effectively hedges investors' risk by spreading their investment across a portfolio of alternative assets that diversify and stabilize the fund's return and valuation.  

Real Estate / Personal Growth 

Session Starts 5pm EST

Your story: From Rocket Science to Real Estate. ​

“To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.”


Gail moved to Florida in 1979 and has watched Central Florida grow and evolve from sleepy towns into one of the most desirable locations in the country. She comes from a family of Realtors, home designers, and builders so it was no surprise when she continued the tradition and became a Realtor herself. She quickly became a multi-million dollar producer specializing in luxury and waterfront homes. Within a span of just under a decade of implementing unique marketing and selling strategies and techniques, Gail created a successful network of referral business and was a top listing agent in her area.


After Gail developed a team of agents that she referred business to, she pursued her love of finding properties that needed some love and turn them into profitable properties she either sold or held in her family’s personal portfolio. She and her business partner/husband are pleased to provide comfortable homes while enjoying the cashflow from the rentals.


Gail really found her niche when she learned the fine art of “the paper” associated with real estate mortgage notes. For the last few years, Gail and her husband/business partner have been extensively investing in 1st position real estate mortgage notes and seller carryback notes.


It became quite apparent to Gail that there was a definite need to help others find a clear path for themselves without wasting a lot of time, money, and energy on making others rich at the real estate agent’s expense! She has boiled down all of her skills and knowledge into an easily followed program to take you from ZERO to $1 Million in closed sales in 12 months if you are coachable, open-minded, and ready to do the work for your business! Gail believes that once you get the systems and processes down to get to your FIRST sale, getting the next one and the next one will be super easy.


Gail and her family live in the Cape Canaveral area, are active in various charity and community activities. In her spare time, Gail and her family love to travel in their RV and enjoy life.

Gail Villanueva

Jeffery S. Watson

Venture Land Title and Real Estate Investing


Session Starts 6pm EST

Necessary Due Diligence 

Jeffery S. Watson is an Ohio attorney who has had an active trial and hearing practice for nearly 30 years.  As a trial lawyer, he has a unique perspective on real estate investing, wealth building and asset protection.  He has tried over 20 civil jury trials and has handled thousands of contested hearings. 


Jeff has also been a part time real estate investor since 1994, investing in both residential and commercial properties through multiple market cycles.  He currently represents established real estate investors in commercial and residential matters when the transactions involve self-directed retirement accounts.  He is a recognized thought leader and innovator in the field of real estate investing, wealth building and self-directed retirement account transactions. 


In 2018 Jeff became a member of the board of directors of Quest Trust Company, a TX based leader in SDIRA services. Jeff is studying to become licensed to practice law in TX.

He is a nationally-recognized authority regarding regulatory concerns with wholesaling.  


From 2010 to present, Jeff has led lobbying efforts in Washington, DC on behalf of real estate investors which has brought about several changes in both government regulation and policy on distressed property purchases and resales.  In 2014 and 2015, his efforts on Capitol Hill helped bring about change in the U.S. tax code and helped reinstate the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act.  He also met with FHFA regarding disposition of defaulted notes and mortgages in a bulk format.


In 2016 Jeff met with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding land installment contracts, and he is currently working to secure passage of the Seller Finance Enhancement Act.  In 2018 Jeff as part of the Seller Finance Coalition attended a meeting at the White to discuss Housing policy.


Jeff, currently resides in a small town on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie in northeast Ohio.


Day 2 - Feb 7th 

Dawn Rickabaugh


Real Estate Notes

Session Starts 10am EST

Owner Financing & Notes - 7X the money of a wholesale fee​

Dawn Rickabaugh is the owner of NQ Capital, a small, family-operated investment company that buys both property & paper.


She buys seller-financed notes across the country and helps others get started investing in notes.  She also buys & sells real estate in Carson City, Nevada (Reno-Tahoe area), and consults in real estate transactions that involve owner financing. 

Negotiating Deals 

Session Starts 11am EST

Borrower negotiations 101: How to structure a win-win for all parties. ​

A real estate professional for more than 20 years and having developed over $750M in real estate, Christopher Seveney is known for honesty, integrity, professionalism, passion, and tenacity in all his dealings. Since entering the real estate business, he has strived to be an industry leader with whom his partners and colleagues can put their trust and faith in. He has been the leader of multiple teams which have won numerous industry awards  in excellence and innovation.


As the son of a life-long educator, Chris now shares his knowledge of first position performing and non-performing notes to his peers. Chris has an intimate understanding of this niche industry from his continued effort for self-improvement. Chris received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and is now furthering his studies by being enrolled in the Master’s in Real Estate Finance from Georgetown University. He has also gained advanced knowledge of mortgage notes through Scott Carson’s one-on-one training and being a member of his exclusive mastermind group. Through this education and experience, Chris has been able to build his Note Investing portfolio to over $3M and his overall real estate portfolio to over $5M.


Along with investing in first position performing and non-performing mortgage notes, Chris enjoys his full-time job as a Director of Construction for a Washington DC based development firm who is an industry leader in sustainable design and construction. In his free-time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid Boston sports fan having spent much of his life living in Massachusetts.

Chris Seveney


Martha Speed

Passive Income / Investing

Session Starts 12pm EST

YOUR Guide to Passive Note Investing … PARTIALS​

Martha Speed specializes in buying performing real estate notes. Today, Martha is capitalizing on the enormous opportunity of buying performing Real Estate secured notes for self-directed retirement accounts (SDIRA). In fact, she calls it one of the best investment vehicles in Real Estate.  Structuring note transactions for the passive investor to buy the front end cash flow allows investors to build a solid monthly cash flow for their retirement accounts, creating generational wealth passively.


Martha provides access to inventory for individual investors seeking the Safe & Secure, wealth-building benefits of adding performing real estate notes to their investment portfolios. She works with passive investors helping them diversify their portfolios and deploy idle capital. Many of her investors are moving from active investments, such as rental properties, to a more passive investment still providing secured monthly cash flow without the hassles, and risks of dealing with tenants and the rising cost of repairs.


These savvy investors are enjoying the security, reliable cash flow, and growth from this partnership. And you can, too! Martha Speed has the background, experience, knowledge and insight to partner with you for a profitable, secure future--for yourself and for your family.

Passive Income / Investing

Session Starts 1pm EST

Passive income through lending, from making mortgage loans to investors to investing in lending funds.​

Bill is a co-founder of Carolina Hard Money, a hard money lender that specializes in short-term purchase money loans with a construction component for real estate investors/builders in the Southeast.


Also, a managing member of Carolina Capital Management, the manager of Carolina Capital Reserve Fund I, a Private Pool Mortgage fund created to raise capital from accredited investors and deploying it into real estate secured loans.

He is responsible for raising capital and managing the day to day operations of the fund and management company.


A regular speaker at real estate investor and private lending events around the country,

Bill has 30 years of mortgage experience that includes residential and commercial, the vast majority of that time spent in the whole sale space.


He has had a unique opportunity to be involved in literally thousands of mortgage transactions, and thus has seen almost every type of scenario play out, both good and bad, giving him a unique depth of experience in the real estate investment space.

Bill Fairman

Wendy Sweet

Jason DeBono

Retirement Accounts / Tax Free Cash Flow 

Session Starts 2pm EST

Tax Free Cash Flow with SDIRAs

Jason is a 14-year veteran of the self-directed IRA industry. He has served as Director of Business Development, Director of Operations, and now, in his role as corporate Vice President, Jason oversees the day to day activities of NuView IRA. He serves as Chairman of Chair the Love, a 501(c)(3) organization, which provides mobility and other related services to those in need. He is a graduate of University of Central Florida and resides in Lake Mary with his wife, Christina, son Tyler, and daughter Delaney.


His understanding of the practical aspects of self-direction pays dividends both to his audiences as well as to NuView clients. He is heavily recruited to speak in front of legal, accounting and investment professionals about the power and possibilities available for IRA investors. Jason has hosted and been a guest on numerous radio shows and is often quoted in business publications.


Jason is designated as a Certified IRA Services Professional from the Institute of Certified Bankers. He is also very active in the community, providing local high schools with education on personal finance, as well as being the Chairman of Chair the Love – a 501(c)3 that provides wheelchairs and other mobility related items and services to those in need in Central Florida and throughout the world.

Networking / MeetUps

Session Starts 3pm EST

Using The Power of Meetups to Grow Your Business

Dave Franecki has been in multiple aspects of real estate since 1978. He  is the Fund Manager of Capstone Capital USA and the organizer of the Note Investors Forum Meetup.


Since 2013,  Capstone has specialized in primarily in residential performing notes throughout the country.


Dave began his real estate career in 1978 with rentals and rehabs in Cincinnati. After relocating to Portland, ME in 1983 he was a RE broker and developed several subdivisions.


Since 1999 he continued on RE entrepreneurial  path in Phoenix as a flipper, developer / builder and a high volume REO agent--after the 2008 crash he sold over 900 assets–w/ over $110m in sales. Dave specializes helping his investor base grow their portfolios investment grade notes.

Dave Franecki

Don Knagge

Personal Growth / Motivation

Session Starts 4pm EST

Revealed: The Single Greatest Thing Holding You Back In 2020

Don Knagge is a Certified Executive Coach, CPC -ACC- COR.E Dynamics Specialist CTDS, CPDS, CLDS Behavioral, Motivation/Driving forces Analyst, and Energy Index Master Practitioner.


As a Executive Coach, Don identifies individual’s and teams’ natural talents, styles, and driving forces to co-create action plans that better leverage those talents for career success and a more satisfying and successful life. As an executive team facilitator, he guides high performing teams to become more effective communicators and optimizes each team member’s strengths for increased productivity, reduced conflict, higher retention, and overall team success. 


Well known for his curiosity, asking the right questions, strong business acumen, and being resourceful, Don consistently facilitates and influences forward movement with an organization’s planning process by inspiring and engaging key stakeholders toward greater results and reaching goals. Don is driven by his passion and awareness of the opportunities presented when facilitating the planning process with both individual leaders and organizations seeking rapid yet sustainable growth.


As an accomplished corporate executive and entrepreneur with three decades of experience in a multitude of industries, his eclectic approach to organizational development and strategic planning has inspired and driven high levels of success for his clients. Don uses his personal and professional background to coach executives, business owners, and emerging and high potential leaders to optimize their performance, create sustainability in transition, and optimize their leadership skills through self-mastery and personal power.

Portfolio Management 

Session Starts 5pm EST

3 Strategies to Recapitalize Your Note Portfolio​

Bob Repass is a 30-year veteran and expert in the seller finance discounted mortgage and distressed asset industry. Over the course of his career, he has purchased over 40,000 performing and non-performing mortgage loans totaling over $2.5 billion dollars in volume, giving him an unparalleled track record in the industry.


During his career in the seller finance note industry he was a Senior Executive at the largest institutional investors; Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities, Associates Financial Services and Bayview Financial. Mr. Repass currently serves as Managing Director of Colonial Funding Group and NoteSchool, where he has overall responsibility for the management of the firm.


In addition Bob is a Managing Partner for Colonial Capital Management, where he is the Chief Investment Officer of CCM’s Colonial Impact Fund II. He also co-founded the Seller Finance Coalition in 2014 to ensure the seller finance industry would have a seat at the table going forward to protect our industry from over-regulation and continue to provide access to affordable homeownership.


Bob Repass

Donna Bauer


Session Starts 6pm EST

The $100K Recycling Program For Part Time Note Buyers.​

Donna Bauer, nationally known as The Original NoteBuyer®, is one of the country’s most recognized authorities on Discounted Notes, Seller Financing, and Defaulted Notes. 


Donna started out over twenty-five years ago, when she was babysitting nine children for a dollar an hour per child so that she could be a stay-at-home mom.


Her life was changed forever when she discovered the amazing power of note buying and made over $5,000 on her very first deal. She went on to develop her own systematized approach to making amazing profits with notes.  Since then, she has shared her exclusive note buying strategies and helped thousands of individuals to create, build, and maintain financial freedom.


Donna will be quick to tell you that in her life time, she has never seen so many amazing opportunities with notes.  With deals galore in the market place and bank financing hard to come by, seller financed notes have once again become the rage.   This creates an awesome opportunity in the secondary market to make huge profits without all of the hassles of the proverbial “tenants, trash and toilets,” not to mention without using your own cash or credit.  


There’s no doubt, buying and selling other people’s seller-financed notes is the quickest, easiest, safest way to CASH IN on today’s fantastic real estate market!


On the other hand, if you want to build a portfolio of properties without ever going to the bank, then Donna’s exclusive creative financing strategies will open all kinds of doors for you, with or without your own cash or credit.

Day 3 - Feb 8th 

Mitch Stephen

Real Estate Notes - PRIME TIME REPLAY

Session Starts 10am  EST

The Art of Owner Financing 

Mitch Stephen has been a self-employed RE investor for 20+ years. His real estate investing career started at the age of 23 when he read “Nothing Down” by Robert Allen.


Mitch, together with his wife, Tommi, and his daughter, Shannon purchased their fair share of local houses.


Their company, Independence Day, Inc., has bought and sold over 1,500 properties in and about San Antonio, Tx since 1996. This company specializes in buying distressed properties with OPM and selling those properties with Owner Financing.


Mitch’s personal expertise includes; Raising Private Money, Finding Bargain Properties, Negotiating Favorable Terms, Dealing with Renovations and Contractors, Selling Houses, Selling Notes with little to NO Discount, and helping others deal with the every day throws of life in business.

Real Estate 

Session Starts 11am EST

5 Ways to Buy Real Estate without Banks, Cash or Credit

In 1983 Augie had a conversation that would change his life.  A co-worker, Al, would share some information that would change not only Augie’s life; but, the lives of thousands of people, Augie’s students, clients, homeowners, people struggling financially and people looking to retire well.  One simple conversation was all it took.


Honored by the largest real estate investment association in Florida with the coveted Lifetime Membership Award, featured in Investor’s Business Daily, Orlando Business Journal, and the Invest Florida Podcast.  Augie Byllott, “The Real Estate Millionaire Mentor”, has been a featured speaker and trainer by the National Real Estate Investor Association and investment associations across America.

Augie Bylott

Rick Allen

Asset Management

Session Starts 12pm EST

Evaluating Assets for Multiple Exit Strategies​

For over 15 years Rick Allen has been an active investor. As the Co-Founder and fund manager of Cloud Capital Management and the Co- Founder of Paperstac, he has conducted transactions with large A-list institutions. Rick has expert experience in investment strategies of the real estate sector, with a primary focus on discounted Acquisitions and distressed assets.


He has participated in the purchase of over 400 single family homes with a purchase price of $25,000,000.00 and a market value of $45,000,000.00. 


Since 2014 he’s been actively working on a new way for note investors to purchase and sell mortgage notes. Paperstac’s digital marketplace and closing process is helping to actively grow and expand the secondary market by bringing the opportunity of investing in mortgage notes to a larger audience, while adding transparency and structure to the market.

Cash Flow From Real Estate

Session Starts 1pm EST

Senior Housing Opportunities  

Gene Guarino, CFP

Gene owns, operates and invests in Residential Assisted Living Homes throughout the US.

He is the Founder of the AL Family of companies which includes:

  • RAL Academy
  • Family Legacy Homes
  • AL Network
  • RAL National Association
  • RAL National Convention
  • RAL Charitable Foundation


Gene speaks in over 50 cities and 5 countries on Residential Assisted Living and the opportunities for business owners, operators, investors and entrepreneurs.


He has trained over 300,000 people over the past 30 years on topics ranging from real estate investing, starting your own business, entrepreneurship and he has focused exclusively on Residential Assisted Living for the past 6 years.


He has hosted 3 radio shows and authored 4 books.  He most recent book is titled

“The Insider’s Guide To Investing In Senior Housing”


Gene has been married for 34 years and has 4 children. 

3 of his 4 kids as well as his son and daughter in law work with the AL Family of companies.

The company’s mottos is to “Do Good And To Do Well”

Gene Guarino

Fred Rewey

Building a Brand / Increase Business

Session Starts 2pm EST

Automating Deal Flow

Magnetize. Monetize. Maximize.


Fred has been a member of the National Speakers Association for nearly two decades.


In that time he has spoken in front of thousands of people on a variety of typically entrepreneurial topics as well as released two best-selling books. 


No matter what your business is, Fred proves you must be online if you want to break through to noise. 


Heavily involved in Real Estate Note Investing since 1997, Fred has always had an interest in earning money online since the begining... and has built a substantial side income from it. 


In this presentation Fred walks you through real-world case studies with a focus on valuable results. What you should do online and what you don't need to bother with. 

JV On Commerical Real Esate

Session Starts 3pm  EST

How To Joint Venture with a Real Estate Hedge Fund Manager on Commercial Deals

Cherif Medawar, Real Estate Fund Manager, Author & Educator


Cherif Medawar is an experienced Real Estate Investor and Fund Manager. He has over $100 Million Dollars in real estate assets under management since 2009. He offers Joint Venture programs for investors of all levels to work directly with him in his various business models.


Cherif’s education company, has been operating since 1999. He has authored several best-selling real estate books and taught thousands of people his unique systems of investing in various commercial and residential property. His methods to start a syndication and raise unlimited capital is second to none; it helped many investors and brokers sponsor their own real estate funds.


Cherif hosts live events across the U.S. and abroad to share his knowledge, grow his network and contribute to other people’s financial goals.

Cherif Medawar


Troy Fullwood

Investing / Capital Needs

Session Starts 4pm EST

Raising Capital

Troy Fullwood is a expert in his field with over 22 years of experience in the industry. Troy founded Pinnacle Investments in 1996. Under his expert guidance, Pinnacle Investments has grown to be the nation’s leader in the purchase of first lien performing and non-performing real estate notes, completing over 15,000 transactions since its inception. The professionals at Pinnacle Investments set the standard for high quality, strategic growth and pride themselves on their unique ability to help struggling individuals keep their homes.


In 2007, Troy built Wall Street’s first distressed asset fund, which he ran for two years before selling his interest to a Wall Street Capital group. During his tenure, the fund earned a strong internal rate of return and helped thousands of people stay in their homes due to loan restructuring under Troy’s guidance. Troy currently manages Legacy Capital Group which is a nationwide SFR debt fund.


Troy is recognized as one of the industry’s top investment professionals and is often asked to speak at financial conferences and companies such as Harvard Business, Investor Wealth, NASDAQ and Peak Potentials. He also contributes his ideas on real estate investing through numerous published articles and radio talk show interviews.


Troy has received multiple awards throughout his career including being voted the 2015 Best Mortgage Investor USA by Wealth & Finance International and Best of the Best in Finance by Acquisition International in 2016 and 2017. When is not working, Troy is active in his church and assists his community with financial issues.

Real Estate / Private Mortgage Notes

Session Starts 5pm EST

2020 - The Perfect Storm for Seller Financed Lease Options

Bob Zachmeier is an innovative Real Estate Investor, Broker, and Educator from Tucson, AZ specializing in “out of the box” solutions that enable buyers, sellers, and investors to create win-win-win seller-financed deals.  


Bob is an active note investor, has closed over 4,000 real estate transactions, written six books, and raised more than $500,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Note investors across the country use Bob’s NoteCarry software and tools to structure note deals in less than a minute!  

Bob Zachmeier


This is a fantastic event all geared towards making 2020 your best year yet. 


We have assembled some of the best and the brightest. They will inspire and educate as you put together your cash flow plan for you, your family, and your future. 


Imagine what it would cost to get on a plane, travel around the country, to hear each of these sought-after speakers!  Well, you don't have to...we are bringing it all to you!


This event is about helping people...and you have a free invite. 

It's completely free to watch the live presentations

You can watch all the presentations live and they will be kept online for an additional 48 hours. You can also purchase a VIP Access Pass if you want lifetime access to the recordings!

Watch from anywhere and on any device

Login from wherever you are during the expo on your Computer, Laptop, Phone or Tablet. No need to travel hundreds of miles to a hotel or miss the event if you are on vacation.

No selling, just pure educational presentations to help you

Our awesome Cash Flow Expo is filled with the latest actionable information to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We have informed every speaker that this is not to be some 'pitch-fest.' We want real action items that attendees can put to use...right away! 

handpicked collection of talented topic experts

Every one of our expert speakers have been selected for their proven excellence and knowledge in their niche, so you know you will be learning from the best.


  • You have probably seen lots of shows with people 'flipping' real estate for a profit. Learn how to do it the right way! 

  • The secret may be out on how a self directed IRA could be the key to your standard of living in your later years. We brought in several experts to guide you through this. 

  • Today more than ever HOW you handle your leads is important. Learn how to fill that pipeline and keep your potential leads asking for more! 

  • Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to mobile homes and why some people 'flip' and some people 'hold?' - Which is right for THIS market?

  • Looking for passive income? Like the idea of real estate but not thrilled with dealing with tenants and toilets? You are going to want to watch the sessions on purchasing (or brokering) private mortgage notes! 

  • Maybe you have some great ideas for 2020 and just need a nudge in the right direction. Some of our speakers show that if they can do can you! 

  • One thing is for sure, the market for senior housing is getting HOT. We will be sure to cover this topic and how to get involved. 

  • It seems that someone always knows someone making money via the Internet. We have a session geared to showing the REAL ways to make money and what to avoid. 


This is YOUR Chance to Get In On The Action!

No Selling. No Hype. Pure Content For You To Plan A REAL Future! 

Where is the event being held? 

We are all in the 'Cloud!' - Ok, just kidding. The entire event is being held online. This means we can put together an incredible line of up people that would never normally be available at the same time. Additionally, you don't have to incur travel and hotel expenses to see them! 

Is the event really Free?

Who is this Summit best suited too? 

What if I can't make the live event on Feb 6th - 8th? 

If you can not make the event live, there are a limited number of VIP spots available. VIP status gives you complete access to a private member area where ALL THE SESSIONS will be stored for you to watch on your own schedule. Additionally, once you have VIP will have access to those recordings, audio files, and notes...for life! 

Is the Summit Really Just Online?

Yep. No one wants to pay $6 for a bottle of hotel water and sit in uncomfortable chairs for nearly 72 hours! You can watch these speakers from anywhere...on a computer, tablet, or smart phone!